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Fortunately for us, chef Fortunato Mazzone has opened a new eatery

The oven-roasted prawns on Forti Grill & Bar's menu are an ode to the chef-patron's father, Giovanni.

His own hashtag, #rocambolescoforti, meaning "the fantastic Forti", is a great tribute, and his chef jacket might as well have been a cape. Fortunato Mazzone is a superhero in my foodie-world. His creative talents have no boundaries and his new venture, Forti Grill & Bar, is proof of his "rocambolesco-ness".

The vibey, elegantly decorated eatery will surprise those who thought Mazzone would open a "new" version of Ritrovo, the popular restaurant which his family owned for 22 years.

Forti Grill & Bar is best described as an international restaurant with a contemporary 21st-century feel. Gone are the days of dark interiors and garlic hanging from the wall in Italian eateries ... here there are no clichés and no fuss, just a light and airy space that elevates your dining experience.

Nothing is a copy of something Forti saw at another restaurant - everything, including the toilets, is bespoke, and there is a fine thread of Forti-ness running through the space.

We loved the chef's table, running along one kitchen wall, which gives you a clear view of the chefs at work inside.

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